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Freddie mercury, queen

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I hate people who write off other people’s talents just because of their taste in movies. I left film-school for that very reason. The first thing the teacher told us was “If you want to make Terminator 2, leave now” and I was like, fuck you man. There could be a kid sat in the corner disheartened because Terminator 2 is the movie he wants to make, that’s his vision and here’s the teacher telling him he can’t do that. He had no fucking right, none of us do. Besides, I think Terminator 2 is a pretty kick-ass movie.
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Y coño e’ la madre hay algo que me hierve la sangre y es que el pais de uno se cae a pedazos pero a la gente le importa mas que si estan jugando pokemon 30000 personas que maten a docenas o hieran a cientos en alguna parte.

No me importa si pierdo seguidores por…

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